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sevevetorm swept acrcrss the chicago land area ... good afternoon i am steve sanders ... and i am dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. the storms caused power outages wind damage and in far north suburban grayslake a man was struck by lightning ... judy wang has a live report from glee is likegrayslake ...
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>>the man struck by lightning was working for landscaping service and getting ready to pack up a croat 6:00 a.m. this morning he was near garage when he was struck by lightning he was a little bit shaken up at first he told his co-workers that he didn't want to go to the hospital ... >>is like anybody he got a shock and then he city was fine but you know you have to make sure that you have to get a string things checked out in there and what kind of reaction the body would take to a lightning bolt he is an stable condition he was taken there in stable condition ... >>hurtling back and i heard a line loud bang and checked on the kids ...
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>>1 tree fell onto a house and a station wagon here in crystal lake john seabrook plant and there's damages on some of the surrounding streets ... no line colleagues say they have spoken to their colleague who says his body is sore but he's ok ... >> the cook county medical examiner is investigating several deaths that could be hit related ... marcella rain and it is here in a newsroom with the latest ... >>there are at least 10 deaths that autopsies could determine were caused by the heat we won't know for sure until autopsies are down this afternoon it is not just elderly people who may have died from heat the ages vary from 18-93 the teenager
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collapsed outside in the heat the others were found and unresponsive condition in their homes the city's health commissioner says that the body can only take so much heat before it shuts down his exhaustion can lead to heatstroke and then the death ... dr. shute care is urging people not to get complacent just because it's gotten color outside your body is still working hard from all of the excessive heat that we have had to adjust ... stay hydrated stay cool keep an eye on the elderly and children and pets ... across the city people are opening fire hydrants as a way to beat the heat but it's more dangerous than you would think fire officials warned that open hydrants can create a serious water pressure problem and
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drivers might not see children playing in the street due to all of the gushing water the city has received more than 2000 calls about open hydrants this past week alone officials are reminding people that if there are too hot to had to heckling center ... this near-record heat caused com added to regional time usage tidying the peak set in august 2006. usage rose about 100 mw above the previous high of 23,618 mw in 2006, had said that while the system mistrusted is still performing well, is taking steps to ensure continuous flow of power all wall crews continue to repair damage from the july 11th storm that knocked out power to 850,000 customers ... i apologize this morning for training and heat lamps above
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striking hotel workers employees at park hyatt on michigan avenue held a daylong strike yesterday to protest working conditions for housekeepers it coincided with a white house to protest at hyatt hotels and nine other u.s. cities temperatures were already above 80 degrees when the lamps were turned on for another one hour heights is that a manager's responsible for the move and won't happen again ... >>we should find its and how to year-old boy from a blow the indicted immediate emergency crews were called to the home of lavandis hudson yesterday at west 147th place they say that he had suffered some sort of head trauma he died at the hospital a short time later it's a death investigation ... >>police in south suburban teachers said a young boy accident shot myself to death at a liquor store for year-old ashe wembley of cedar lake indiana was found shot last late yesterday morning inside of a liquor store where his mother worked on dixie highway he'd died a few hours later it appears the board discovered the gunman had a counter and pulled it out ...
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a woman has been charged with neglect after her preschool age child tried crossing a four-lane highway u.s. highway 30 alone on a tricycle and have been more than a week ago and valparaiso 34 year-old joni wentz told police choose a nearby hotel when her son attempted to cross highway customers and applebee's restaurants stop the child from crossing at st. authorities also allegedly found drug paraphernalia and a woman's car but she did not receive drug violation charges ... investigators to try to figure out what caused the deadly crash involving the metra train and a car in the south suburbs it happened yesterday afternoon at a rail crossing at 167 and central and oak forest rock island line metra train headed for chicago at 60 mi. an hour slammed into the car crashing it beyond recognition to elderly women inside the car were killed seven metra passengers
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were taken to hospitals and treated for minor injuries and matra spokesman says the metra is looking to see if alarms lights and gates were working at the time of the crash ... it is now illegal to a laser at the airplane cockpit and on high under the aiming lasers that an airplane will be a misdemeanor which means of two years in jail officials say that lasers can interfere with a pilot's vision ... the wrigley co. is moving at its namesake building on michigan avenue after more than 90 years their weekly will move its remaining 250 employees from michigan avenue building to its good silent campus to draw nearly 500 employees there the company has over 400 employees and an office on chicago avenue once the wrigley co. moved to michigan avenue building would be just 35 percent occupied the company says it's been planning a move for years ... >>if developers get their way chicago's old main post office will be replaced by the tallest skyscraper in north america a
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british investor named bill davies bought the old building two years ago davies has rolled out a proposal to transform the property into a shopping center some hotels more than a thousand condos and a 120 story office building if he gets the funding and the city's approval the project protected years to build ... betty loren maltese is putting up her house for sale rather than that the government is putting her house up for auction ... still ahead this noon a major bomb blast in the capital of norway the latest reports of a possible terrorist attack in oslo plus are they ready for some football nfl owners agree on a til
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two people are confirmed dead and 15 injured in a powerful bomb blast at the prime minister's office in oslo norway. police say the explosion was caused by a one or more bomb a government spokeswoman says that prime minister jens stoltenberg was working at home today and was not in the building at the time of the explosion investigators have not said they think is responsible for the bombing ... a new intelligence report from the department of homeland security warns that al-qaeda could be planning an attack on a chemical plant or oil refinery here in the united states according to the report from extremists have obtained insider positions and have attempted to solicit employees on the inside to a
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system for damaging physical and cyber attacks ... u.s. officials said that while there is no specific imminent threat there's an ongoing threat to infrastructure evidence gathered in the navy seals operation until the osama bin laden's shows that bin laden was in fact planning another massive attack in horror and the tenure anniversary of september 11th. pentagon sources say that the controversial don't ask don't tell may be repealed as soon as today president obama's signed a bill repealing the 1993 policy in december but required approval by pentagon leaders that approval would signify armed forces are now ready to accept openly gay and lesbian troops and that happens don't ask don't tell which prevents gays from serving openly would end in 60 deaths ... congressional leaders are
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denying reports the deal is in the works to and the nation's debt showdown congress is said to be considering a plan to issue president obama and speaker of the house it would raise the debt ceiling and cut 3 trillion dollars from the federal deficit over 10 years john boehner told reporters this morning that there's no deal yet democrats oppose plans that would cut too deeply to entitlement program spending republicans against proposals that would raise taxes ... >>the nfl players association says that it's discussing the terms of the most recent written proposal from honors that could in the nfl labor dispute yesterday owners voted for a tentative deal good for 10 years provided the players approve it to and reestablish their union the proposal being reviewed by the players includes a settlement agreement economic turns out and the process for turning the players back into an association union ...
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all they moby close until both sides agree the first preseason game scheduled for august 11th remains in question. we have another big name in the news of the world hacking scandal ... jewitt lot is suing news of the world suspecting that his phones were tapped during a trip to the united states back in 2003 ... if it is found that this indeed happened to the news of the world could be subject to u.s. federal law ... >>2 suspects are in custody in the beating case of a giants fan bryan stowe was nearly beaten to death by two men after
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attending the march 31st season opener between the giants and the l.a. dodgers 31 year-old giovanni ramirez was arrested after his parole officer spotted tattoos on his neck resembling those that witness descriptions gave of one of stow's attackers but prosecutors filed a case against the two new suspects ramirez could be exonerated bryan stowe was in a coma for two weeks and he is known hospital in san francisco recovering tiger woods longtime caddie is speaking out after being fired from his job steve williams says the lost respect for his partner of 12 years when details about woodses many mistresses emerged even so williams stood by the golfer during the scandal but that'll change this week when he was let go from his job williams says that he plans to write a book about working with tiger woods and will include a chapter about that sex scandal
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first thunderstorms and heat wave all of that rough weather could drive up your com-ed bill hundreds of thousands of people across illinois experience blackouts this summer, and is using that fact to lobby for a bill that would allow them to raise rates in order to develop a new smart card technology this market would allow them to pinpoint outages faster but opponents of the bill said that com-ed should pay for its own improvements ... there will be no state sales tax holiday this year so illinois parents will have to find new ways save some money on school supplies illinois department of revenue spokeswoman sue hartford said the sales tax holiday last year was simply a pilot program and is not renewed by the general assembly the quincy timber commerce's the retail sales were up slightly in august of 2010 but not as much as expected the
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department of revenue also is in saying why the sales tax holiday wasn't renewed or how much it cost ... >>i'm angie lau ... among the major illinois companies reporting earnings today has caterpillar reporting lower earnings ... manufacturing costs rose and the tsunami had no effect on sales ... mcdonald's is doing better thanks to its cafe concept and selling those frozen and hot coffee drinks ... we are approaching another record high of four goldfor gold our records $1,610
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was hit a few days ago and it is heading upward today as we observe trading ... the harry potter movie franchise has earned more than $7 billion at the box office it's the biggest grossing series ever the announcement was made by warner brothers about that successful film franchise and it's not over yet as the last harry potter movie continues a run of success having just opened last week at box offices ... steve and teena i want to say how great it was to work with you it
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was great to be part of your afternoon ... >>angie lau we will miss himyou going off to cover the bloomberg asian markets reports good luck kenjangie.. >>coming up the latest on the investigation into what caused the deadly crash between a metra train and a promise of suburbs and later possible changes in the way some of your favorite meats are labeled with the government takes you ought to be told and her fourth studio album rabbits on the run is set for release next week live music this midday from vanessa carlton..
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investigators say warning equipment was working properly when the a metra train hit a car in the suburbs where two
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people were killed and oak forest and seven people were injured in yesterday's accident >>to women in their eighties were killed when their car collided with a rock island metra train today investigators were searching for clues to ... the trains were running in both directions today after a car running from chicago to joliet struck a car near 167th and central avenue the car's occupants to women in their eighties were killed seven passengers on board retreated for minor injuries mattresses the train was traveling 60 mi. per hour wanna make contact with the car >>it wasn't a scheduled stop they could of been going at 60 we will not the speed until we download the event recorder there would not have then a reason to stop that crossing ... crews spent the morning
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repairing the track that was damaged in yesterday's collision the event recorder could provide clues into the fatal collision ... >>this is similar to a black box on an airplane will could signal skates and everything going on with the train ... >>the victims are now identified as gil crabtree 97 years old and donna gray's 81 years old ... every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira.
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and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. fall in, gentlemen! we're going back to training. a stain, vaughn?! a ketchup stain?! how dare you disrespect me, your country and your mama?! i guess the guy just wants to bring his lunch with him. do you have something to say about the stain, vaughn?! sir! what stain, sir?! vaughn, that -- oh! what'd they do send me a daggone houdini?! [ male announcer ] tide to go. it's tide. to the rescue. to combat tough stains at home try tide stain release pre-treat spray. this is wgn midday news ...
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welcome back that was quite a storm blowing through ... you have some amazing pictures tom ... we saw that role in dark ominous cloud isn't this a great picture i want to thank everyone in advance and may not be able to identify all of the photographers but you have been terrific in sending these photographs in from all over the suburbs ... there is lightning going on with all of this ... in one fell swoop the temperature dropped and our drought conditions were refreshed ...
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we're getting these shelves of clouds ec one their near o'hare and we have a time lapse photograph ... this all began and the rockies moved through the plane's capture the nighttime jet stream and the wind picked up at night blowing 60 mi. per hour this wasn't quite that strong just outside of the planes it delivered an incredible amount moisture to our northern areas ... the southern suburbs have missed out not all of them
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indiana got hit ... there have been 350 clout to ground lightning strokes in the last 10 minutes with this storm cluster moving eastward ... here is a good look at the storm clouds looking westward the next cluster is taking shape and that's in iowa currently these will march along right to the weekend coming and periodically we will get some sun breaks in between ... the heaviest rain was near the border with wisconsin 3 in. or more ... we may even have some flooding
12:32 pm
problems of this keeps up ... stormy is the main headline this july is the third warmest since record taking started at midway airport ... that has been recording weather observation and exactly the same spot for 83 years along best single observation station and the chicago area ... we're looking at a thunderstorm watch that will be in effect for the afternoon there is an excessive heat watch here in our area from tonight into tomorrow ... we will be back into the rain and heat once again tomorrow and sunday that will continue possible severe weather through
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the weekend. for the moment we are cooler and the heat indices reflect the high humidity and they're pushing down to the south the winds are turning off of lake michigan that's in the wake of yesterday's incredible heat 100 degrees at the lakefront back- to-back hundred degree temperatures at midway for today's two days.. we will continue to see the thunderstorm clusters pershing heat away for a to a little bit but the sun will be back this
12:34 pm
stabilizing the air people, the thunderstorms will start again ... this afternoon mixed sun warm and humid with the chance of new downpours and thunderstorms the temperature rise to 89 degrees with brisk wind ... the storms will work into the evening overnight these could be heavy with happen the low temperature for this meeting will be 74 degrees 9 tomorrow clusters of storms with mixed son the high
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temperature will be 92 degrees same thing on sunday ... a cold front will pass later in the day we will have some relief on monday ... we will have next week's forecast later in the show ... time for today's trivia question: which american general was nicknamed blood and guts? was it eisenhower westmoreland or patton? the answer is at noon ... chicago live is back and we're giving away one pair of tickets to see next thursday's performance chicago live take you behind the headlines of chicago's biggest stories for weekly stage and radio show produced by the chicago an accident doesn't
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still waiting on a vote from the players on a deal it would and the nfl labor dispute yesterday team owners approved an agreement and negotiated with the players' labor and revenue sharing deal would be good for the next decade. but the players now have to reform their union and improve the proposal if an agreement is reached the players can return to team practice fields beginning saturday less what the chicago bears hall of fame game versus the rams may not be played we are waiting for word on that ... >>espn chicago dock, is reporting that the cubs would be willing to pay the remainder of the salary for alfonso soriano if the right trade came along story on know has a fall no
12:39 pm
trade clause but it would most likely way it aramis ramirez would not as he has reiterated that a move would be harder and his family and the like to stay put you could see the cubs play astros today at wrigley field beginning at 1:20 p.m. right here on wgn ... the chicago sky was on the road plan the indiana fever they are eight and nine on the year indiana 177-63 ... the chicago fire is a friendly match against manchester united will be the largest river ca soccer game and team officials lware expecting a sellout here manchester united comes to soldier field tomorrow night after blowing at the seattle sounders 7-0 most of the fire starters are expected to play a lot of minutes and manchester
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united is starting a brand new goalie the fire have it to-0 record when it comes to planning premier league teams ... that's a look at sports your life illinois lottery drawing is next as the pick three winning numbers: 3 0 3 the pick four winning numbers: 4
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8 0 2 ... make millions trying as $53 million be sure you get a ticket for that drawing tonight mega millions @ 53
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and in washington state allows children conceived from a sperm donor to access vital health information about their biological parents and they turn 18 years old. it is aimed at preventing cases like happened to rebecca blackwell in maryland and her teenage son tyler she tracked down the family after sperm donor and learned that he had a rare genetic mutation that she was never warned about the donors mother and two brothers had the same deadly illness his sperm was used to fathered 24 children previously sperm donor children are not entitled to any information and medical records were really updated ... the most toxic state america is ohio new pollution figures from the epa show ohio lead the nation and air pollution from coal and oil fired power plants if that's the source of half the nation's air
12:45 pm
pollution pennsylvania was second florida third hears no other midwest states there on the list indiana came in sixth michigan seventh illinois #17 wisconsin 18 ... the agriculture department wants consumers to know that when their poultry or raw meats are beefed up with added solutions and new rule would require food companies to label when additives like chicken broth teriyaki sauce and salt water are added them department says that these ingredients are common but many consumers don't know about it according to the usda about 15% of beef and 90 percent of pork may have added ingredients the rule would not apply to ground beef which has other added
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it's so peaceful. i could stare at it all night. let's light a fire. anncr: some things are better left unseen. introducing hefty blackout kitchen bags. white bags can't hide messes like blackout bags. hefty! hefty! hefty!
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healthy is the word in the lunch break today ... chef gerard viverito is the director of culinary education for passion fish and nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people on the issue of sustainability in the sea ... how we get this linkage as a consumer gerard?
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the shed aquarium the monterey bay aquarium has many programs that do a great job of teaching people how to eat fish and i encourage you to look at these programs because they help people understand where the safe spots are and which fish are the right things to be eating at this time ... we are going to make a terrific dish i lived some time in spain and this was wonderful it's the spirit scallops with salsa romesco ... the flavor base for this dish is roasted bell pepper leaves chopped nuts you can use either amundsen or you
12:50 pm
can use hazelnuts we are adding breadcrumbs to pick up some of the extra oil and it's a good binder and we're going to mix and sherry vinegar witchesfrom spain ... i'll spend lots of time in asia i learned not only about marine products some really terrific oils ... this is palm fruit oil which has a good buttery flavor and withstands high heat without smoking you
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can find it in the atlantic islands of grocery stores its solid that room temperature and it is trans fat free ... i'd like to put food in and out of the pans quickly you don't wanna be slaving over the stove ... has this cooks down weekfor 10 minutes then you puree atit.. ...
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i am steering the marinated scallops ... and i will plate this with greens ... for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again doggonelong gone to banks gerard every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you
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have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. [ water ] hey, it's me water. check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! hydrolicious! magic bananas! it's our first one-click faucet filter that removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. adios contaminos! and now the answer to today's trib-u question: which american general was nicknamed blood and guts? the answer was patton
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that's trauma and we saw this morning is running across indiana to ohio ... we are expecting another storm that will be a another heavy rain and gusty wind producer ... here is the view from lincoln park and then from buffalo grove of the storm this morning ... it is currently 74 degrees at o'hare ... we will still have
12:56 pm
excessive heat advisories in effect downstate it will be 92 degrees over the weekend and these temperatures will be dependent upon how frequently the thunderstorms arrive.. things will cool down sunday night and monday and we begin to get hot once again on tuesday through the week ... thank you so much for joining us today have a great weekend we are going to leave you with vanessa carlton who was performing tonight in rumaniaravinia.. ["carousel" vanessa carlton]
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